Research, Innovation & Clinical Trials

At the contemporary convergence of health, science and engineering and empowered by digital technology, Precinct researchers, clinicians and companies collaborate at the cutting-edge of innovation.

This modern, multi-disciplinary approach positions the GCHKP to deliver next-generation medicine and advanced manufacturing, and comprehensive innovation in preventative health care.

Personalised medicine

A brave new world

Leading-edge micro and nano science, together with 3D printing technology support the development of ground breaking new biomedical devices implants and diagnostic tools in a brave new world of personalised medicine.

The latest in medical imaging technology combines with big data to enable bio-mechanical engineers to personalise training, prevent injury, design rehabilitation and model orthopaedic surgery.

The ‘personalised digital human’ or ‘digital twin’ is fast moving from dream to reality.


A new frontier

Biomedical researchers at the new drug discovery frontier of Glycomics hope to wipe out the global scourge of malaria – full human clinical trials of a promising vaccine are set to commence after a pilot human study proved safe and successful, with a range of infectious diseases and cancers firmly in their sights.

The world-leading Institute of Glycomics currently has two drug and two vaccine technologies in clinical trials.

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Clinical Trials

New treatments

Leading the way in clinical trials for neurological devices, clinicians pioneer life-saving procedures to pull blood clots out of stroke patient’s brains, from the inside out, and treat deadly brain aneurisms.

And they’re collaborating with 3D printing specialists to develop surgical models to train specialists from around the world.


Beyond chronic disease and injury

New hope

A team of researchers is preparing for future clinical trials combining 3D spinal regenerative cell therapy with specialised high-tech ‘thought control’ rehabilitation to repair spinal cord damage, giving hope for paraplegics and quadriplegics, while others are closing in a method of accurately diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) as they advance treatments for the debilitating disease.

Beyond Innovation

World's largest commercial glycan array