Research Facilities & Equipment

Research and testing facilities in the GCHKP span the full spectrum across clinical and biomedical laboratories, industrial and engineering labs, access to specialised micro and nano-technology clean room facilities, and advanced 3D printing and design laboratories, including Queensland’s first 3D metal printer with titanium printing capabilities (medical-grade).

A range of clinical trial facilities is also available.

Facilities are supplemented by a diverse range of training spaces , including clinical simulation suites and a variety of spaces for meetings and events, making the Precinct an exciting health and medical training and research hub.

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World-first facilities

The Institute for Glycomic’s Glycobioanalytical facility includes the world’s first commercial glycan array. The Institute also offers a Flow Cytometry facility for cell and particle analysis and sorting.

Mass Spectometry is available in the new glycomics and glycoproteomics focussed Advanced Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, a multi-million investment in the latest technology.

Recently established, the Zymebank facility provides enzymes that support both internal and external research projects.

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